The Bough

cooperation: Jakub Szewczyk & Paweł Wołowczyk
 The project is the focal point of children interaction in kindergarten. In the crown there are tracks on which children can move toys and develop their motor skills. Underneath there is a hideout for shy ones, who we hope will slowly dare to join the fun. Thanks to its modular construction, the crown of the tree can be replaced with another module and easily transformed into a locomotive or submarine, the only limit is the imagination of the youngest.

The Bough has been designed as an interactive toy during a special program called “Pooh’s House”. During this program we, as students of product design, were able to research, design and produce toys for kids with special needs. All objects were donated to the “Chatka Puchatka” kindergarten in Szczecin.

Ergonomy Design Studio, Academy of Art in Szczecin, 2020