Memories are one of the most magical things in the world. Getting back to what happened some time ago in our lives can take place at any time by feeling something similar to one of the senses.

Can you imagine loosing them?

Dementia is one of the most actual social problems. As the society of many countries inside and outside of Europe is getting older, the problem is becoming more universal and seeable to most of us. In many cases senility heads to Alzheimer’s, forgetting events and the actual state of being. At the same time memories from many years back, are bright and sharp. They can become a gate to deeper memories. That’s why many specialists use objects from the patient’s past as tools to work with reminiscence. Saying loud about what we just reminded re-saves better information in the human brain.

In the idea of the game, I would like to present the method of how to remind some of the past stories and share that with others, all in the sensory way of a tea ceremony. The game “Let’s make a Tea” is a unique form of psychotherapy. Letting a therapy method to step into the home can make it possible to work about memory impairment in a cozy, private atmosphere. At the same time, it can be just a method of how to get to know new mates, or your family and friends better. Creates a special space to share your experiences and confront them with others.

The Ritual of composing together a special tea infusion creates an opportunity for more creative meetings. Giving time and sensory experiences create a unique space to connect with ourselves and each other.


Project was started as semester project in Multisensory Design Studio at Design Department – Academy of Art in Szczecin

The Let's make a tea game is during testing phase,

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Artistic answer for the project. Animation with very pleasent music by Katarzyna Zioła. Now I recommend it as a background for the game.

The “Let’s make a tea” game is during the testing phase. You can get instructions and play by yourself or come to one of the events. You can sign to it for free as organisation or as a single person.

The project would not have come into being without collaborations. I am glad that many people felt this project very much and decided to help me with their knowledge and creativity!

Thank you:

Grandmother Jadzia Powązka for inspiration;

Aldona Reczek-Chachulska, Maria Heś and Magdalena Krok for information on working with seniors and dementia;

Radomir Majewski for help with the rules of the game;

PhD Olga Kiedrowicz-Świtalska for synthesizing information with me while working on first stage of the project;

Anna Molska for ceramic lessons;

Roksana Czekan for great illustrations;

Ewa Majchrzak for amazing animation which is a short presentation of project;

ACh Duo for lending your music to the animation;

Katarzyna Zioła for the atmospheric animation for the first presentation of the project at the exhibition in Poznan;

Julia Galewicz for help with photos production, post-production and support;

Radosław Czekan for help, critical point of view and motivation;

Bożena Wołowczyk for help with wording and support;

all my Friends and Family for inspiration, motivation, involvment and helpful advices;