We recently did a super project. We were approached by Patrycja and Michal who had been planning to travel the world for a long time. They had a van which they had already started to upgrade into a campervan and had ideas about what they needed inside. We processed this, added our own design thinking and put it into blocks. Bach!
One of the most complex projects on my design path. It’s hard to count the number of times we’ve moved elements by millimetres in every direction to fit a 2-metre bed, a fridge, lots of storage, a speciality coffee with a chemex or special boxes for dog treats, while at the same time and yet still be able to live comfortably. There are patents, surprises and customised solutions.
We are happy so much that everything has come together nicely,
we see what works and how it works, and we come up with new ideas for different solutions so, we are already designing the next one.